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Our vacation rentals are a very unusual opportunity.  Located on the most magnificent coast on the western side of the United States these vacation rentals are made available to you by the Crook family, an "old" Pacific Coast family.  These homes and the 4,000 acres that they sit on have been in the family for generations.

Early settlers of Curry County, the Crooks descended from a long line of pioneers who first came to America in 1620 from England with the Plymouth Colony.  Members of the Crook family traveled west in a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail in the 1850's, fought in the Rogue Indian Wars and finally settled in Pistol River and established the Crook Ranch.

The Crook Ranch was a self sufficient livestock operation that later produced enough butter to hand pack in barrels and load on the coastal steamer that came into the Arch Rock anchorage. 

In those early days before roads were built, the early pioneers got their supplies by riding horseback to Gold Beach or waiting for the ship from San Francisco. It was a great occasion when the ship came in and anchored behind Arch Rock (now misnamed Mack Arch). The folks would take their wagons and stand on the beach waiting for the supplies to come ashore in smaller boats.

More recently Harve Crook operated the Crook Ranch at Pistol River for many years, was very active in and helped organize the Curry County Livestock Association in the early 1930ís, and was very active in the Curry County Fair - especially in the annual free lamb barbecue started to promote the use of good lamb in meals.

Harve was also very active in establishing the Curry County Fat Lamb and Wool Show, predecessor of the Curry County Fair. The site of the Event Center/Fairgrounds in Gold Beach was donated by the Crook family to the county for use as a fairgrounds.

As times and the livestock market have changed, the Crook Family has converted family homes and built new homes to accommodate guests on their ranch - sharing the rich heritage of the Southern Oregon Coast with you - their valued guest.  Nowadays, you may still be greeted by Jackie, Ron, Melody, or James Crook.

Many Crook Ranch guests return year after year because they find this area to be as special and spectacular as the entire Crook Family has for over a century.

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